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Joint Pain after Leg Cast

Nobody likes to get hurt.  What’s particularly disturbing is when you go to the doctor after sustaining an injury only to find out you have to get a cast.   Casts can be frustrating for anyone.  Not only is your movement restricted,but you also are limited to the type of clothes you can wear, and in most cases you have to ensure the cast stays dry.  Many people also report joint pain after leg cast removal.

If you explain joint pain after leg cast removal, don’t be alarmed.   This doesn’t mean that your injury isn’t healed just as joint pain after leg cast removal doesn’t mean you have re-injured the bone.  In fact, this is much due in part to the fact that your leg was immobile for a long period of time.  The joins have become stiff from lack of use.  It’s natural and normal, not a cause for alarm.

If you are experiencing joint pain after leg cast removal, talk to your doctor.  The most common method for rectifying this situation is just to be patient and diligent in resuming activities.  If you have not been advised to go to physical therapy, your doctor will most likely recommend exercises to help minimize joint pain after leg cast removal.  It is normal to experience joint pain and discomfort when you first have your cast removed.  You can’t expect your leg to be operating at optimal levels after just recovering from an injury.  But with time, patience, and dedication to your exercise, you should be feeling better with time. 

If your joint pain after leg cast removal persists, and you don’t see an improvement over time, it is best to consult your doctor about your concerns.  Only your doctor can truly advise you of the best course of treatment to follow if treatment is in fact needed.